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Akatona Technologies have been working together with Stream Labs for more than a year. From the beginning our cooperation was excellent, better than with any other CG hardware supplier. The first steps of integration of their hardware with our IVS CG software were a really simple business, and Stream Labs boards worked perfectly from the start. Our IVS software is compatible with the 5 leading CG hardware for PC, but Stream Alpha Plus card is the best choice for Composite.

Janos Katona, Director (Akatona Technologies, Hungary)

Stream Labs

Stream Labs is an international company providing professional solutions for Terrestrial, Satellite and Cable television stations, IPTV and OTT operators in 140 countries since 1991.

Playout automation


Production process automation software

TV services instrumental monitoring system

Multichannel recording (ingest and logging)


Cards for Multi-ingest

MS416 - 16 CVBS inputs
MS2/4 - 2/4 DVB-ASI/SD-SDI inputsMH4L - 4 HD-SDI/SD-SDI/DVB-ASI/CVBS inputs

I\O CG cards

Alpha plus - Composite/S-Video/YUVWind SDI II -SD-SDI Alpha HD - 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI/DVB-ASI

MSP2 - Two DVB-ASI/SD-SDI ports:
input+output or dual output


TPG - Test pattern generator
Temperature/Humidity/Pressure meter
Watchdog timer

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