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Stream Labs is eager to establish partnerships with dealers, distributors and developers. Our dedication to cater to your requirements will help you achieve perfect results and add value to your business through a mutually beneficial alliance. We are innovative, flexible, secure and reliable!

Dealer/Distributor Partnership

If you perform system integration or box-moving in television market, have a highly qualified sales and technical staff for advanced implementation, you will find Stream Labs products essential for your product line. We offer a number of cost effective solutions, provide sales and technical support for all time zones and help our partners to achieve more benefits with less efforts. With our in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive experience in TV business we are certain that our cooperation is going to be successful!

OEM Partnership

As new technologies and possibilities in TV market continue to emerge at a fast pace, you need to be up to speed with the latest developments in the area. Stay one step ahead! Stream Labs solutions feature a flexible structure, which can be easily modified to suit various partner requirements. Developers can utilize our low level SDK (drivers + API) to create their own software or to adapt their current software to our cards. You can construct unique, user-friendly broadcast automation and CG workstations and other solution in cooperation with us. Our hardware and software tools support personal applications and scripts written in different programming languages.

We have an extensive experience with software developers from different countries, who successfully built customized systems based on our platforms. We are always happy to establish new partnerships that explore creative horizons and expand our products application. We provide infinite programming freedom for your practical imagination!

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SIA Stream Labs develops technological partnership with the Russian company «STREAM Labs»

Board member Edgars Saulitis:

"Partnership allows to increase interaction with the Russian customers, to expand not only into the Russian market with our production, but over time, possibly, into the market of the Customs Union. 
At the moment, within the framework of the projects, we delivered to the Russian partners the following cards: Alpha SDI_HD, MS 416, VCL_HDMI, MS 416 plus, MH4-LM, SL 16-20, FX 416C, MS2 and others." The volume of the supplied production is constantly increasing, our clients appreciate the high quality of the components and precise filling of the orders in time. 


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