EPG Inserter

System for preparation, storage, forming and transmission of data for broadcast (EPG).

Efficiency and functionality 
 MultiEPG provides control over a large number of networks and multiplexors, unlimited  number of services and transport streams. It can function within any complex  configuration of network with various models of multiplexors. System  complies with  DVB standards and specs for TV broadcast (ETSI EN 300 468).

- Operators of satellite (DVB-S/S2), air (DVB-T/T2) and cable (DVB-C) digital TV networks; 
- IPTV operators; 
- Editorial offices of TV channels, representatives of foreign TV channels.

Composition of system and functional structure: 
- Database; 
- Import/export of data in XMLTV format; 
- User’s web interface; 
- Module for forming of streams (Event Information Table EIT, ETSI EN 300 468); 
- Module for forming of SI tables (ETSI EN 300 468); 
- Module for update of STB firmware (DVB-SSU, ETSI TS 102 006).

SI tables generation 
EIT schedule : Actual TS / Other TS 
EIT present/following : Actual TS / Other TS 
NIT, SDT, TDT, TOT, BAT - only Broadcast server version

Data inputs 

XML files - XMLTV формат, XML custom format 
CSV files, EXCEL files, TXT files 
HTTP/HTTPS link, WEB content, Binary files 
HTML parsing, Files in client’s format 
Import from external Database 
EPG data from RF, DVB-ASI and Muticast/Unicast

Data outputs
MPEG-2 TS to IP-Multicast/Unicast 
Export data to XMLTV files

Standards and Specifications compliance 

ETSI EN 300 468 
ETSI TR 101 211 
ISO/IEC 138181-1

Key features: 

- Does not depend on manufacturer of multiplexor 
- Java Free 
- Control of the speed of output streams 
- Control of an intervals between generations of SI tables 
- Support of the Logical Channel Number (LCN) for automatic sort of the channels 
- Flexible and scalable Software/Hardware architecture 
- Convenient and intuitive web interface 
- Multilingual user’s interface 
- Support for almost all languages 
- Entry and editing of information about events 
- Auto import of EPG from external sources in different formats, including client’s format 
- Export of EPG in XMLTV format 
- Quick and «painless» launch of the system 
- Database 
- Unlimited number of users 
- Control of user’s rights: administrator/operator

Module for STB firmware updates (DVB-SSU)

Data file prepared by hardware manufacturer in format: 
ETSI TS 102 006 (DVB-SSU: Simple & Enhanced profile) 
File with data in MPEG2-TS format 
(ISO/IEC 13818-1) containing one PID


Multicast TS in MPEG2-TS format (ISO/IEC 13818-1) 
SSU Linkage/Private descriptor private for each TS 
Custom NIT/PAT/PMT tables generation 
Correctly generated continuety_counter, independently of input data

Parameters management 

Output stream(s) speed management 
Multicast address/port/ttl 
Linkage Descriptor: OUI – Organization Unique Identifier 
Linkage Descriptor: SW Version - firmware version 
Linkage Descriptor: Data PID – PID for data stream broadcasting 

Standards and Specifications compliance

ETSI EN 300 468 v1.12.1 
ETSI TS 101 211 V1.11.1 
ETSI TS 102 006 V1.3.2

MultiEPG is assembled in a rack mount case which fits into 19” rack: 
- Height: 1U; 
- Dimensions WхHхD(мм): 430х43.4х380 (depth may slightly vary); 
- Weight, Lb: ~15; 
- Power supply: 1 (2 is optional); 
- Power cord: euro-plug; 
- Power consumption, Watts: 220 (max); 
- Mount: rails (included). 
- Control of data size (ETSI EN 300 468);

Input interface 

MultiEPG could be supplied either with 2 Ethernet 1000Base-TX interfaces, or with one DVB-ASI(EN50083-9) interface. 
There are 2 options for DVB-ASI interfaces (Dektec circuit boards): 
- 1 input, 1 output (for pass through): BNC, up to 214 Мbit/sec, packet size 188 bites; 
- 4 inputs: BNC, up to 214 Мbit/sec, packet size 188 bites. 
System can also transmit data via Ethernet/IP interface and DVB-ASI interface simultaneously. 

Technical characteristics

Function EGP server LITE EPG server BROADCAST server
Source of data 
XML files - XMLTV format, XML format of client + + +
CSV, TXT, EXCEL files, import from external database - + +
HTTP/HTTPS link, WEB content, binary files - + +
HTML parsing, files in a custom format from client - + +
EPG data from RF, DVB-ASI and Muticast/Unicast - + +
Data output
MPEG-2 TS to IP-Multicast/Unicast + + +
Export of data into XMLTV format + + +
MPEG-2 TS to ASI - + +
Number of services (channels) * up to 200 No limit No limit
Number of TS (transponders) * up to 25 No limit No limit
Number of networks * 1 up to 3 up to 10
Multi lingual user interface + + +
Control of interval of table update + + +
Control of the speed of the output stream + + +
Monitoring of server (SNMP) - - +
Number of user’s work spaces 5 No limit No limit
Access rights for users + + +
Backup of database + + +
Operating system / Database Linux / MySQL 
Compliance with standards and specifications ETSI EN 300 468, ETSI TR 101 211, ISO/IEC 138181-1 
DVB-ASI interface (optional) 1-2 input/output, BNC 
Web interface HTTP, HTTPS 

*limited by license 

Pricing & Demo: 

EPG server LITE - $4,400

(Software limitations: not more 1 network, up to 25 Transport Streams, up to 200 Services, generation SI tables: EIT.

HW included: 1U Rack, CPU Intel i3\8GB RAM\HDD 1Tb\2 x NIC's\OS Ubuntu 64bit English)

EPG server - $7,200

(Software limitations: not more 3 network, up to 100 Transport Streams, up to 1000 Services, generation SI tables: EIT, TDT, TOT.

HW included: 1U Rack, CPU Intel i3\8GB RAM\HDD 1Tb\2 x NIC's\OS Ubuntu 64bit English)

BROADCAST server - $13,000

(Software limitations: not more 10 network, Unlimited Transport Streams, Unlimited Services, generation SI tables: EIT, TDT, TOT, SDT, NIT.

HW included: 1U Rack, CPU Intel Xeon E3\8GB RAM\HDD 1Tb\2 x NIC's\OS Ubuntu 64bit English)

optional - 15 days demo setup

(without limitations)

On your side with remote assistance - 1 000$*

*amount will be subtracted from final bill in case of purchase. 

Contact Stream Labs' Sales Manager sales@stream-labs.com

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