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New Stream MultiRec 3.7

We are pleased to announce the new Stream MultiRec 3.7.

Based on popular demand and current industry trends we have added multiple exciting new features and capabilities in this release. In the new Stream MultiRec 3.7 release we implemented Teletext and subtitles support and made big steps towards increasing system performance and ensuring fault tolerance.

The new hardware encoding feature greatly expands the capabilities of your current hardware through the use of GPU encoding, and the implementation of a common database on a central server makes backing up recording servers a simple process.

Do you broadcast in different languages? Not a problem! Write them all down and reproduce them individually from the archive. It is not necessary to record the entire transport stream in its original form.

It is now easy to introduce a delay for synchronizing differing recording sources in the archive - use the new Time Delay functionality and reproduce all signals from the archive on a mosaic with frame-by-frame accuracy.

These and other functions are already available in the new release of the system:
1. Recording to the archive with a fixed delay (Time Delay);
2. Recording and viewing DVB teletext (separately or overlay);
3. Recording and viewing closed captioning (closed captions);
4. Record multiple audio tracks;
5. Listening to individual audio channels;
6. Hardware encoding capability;
7. Using a single repository with a common database.

The new version of the compliance recording system Stream MultiRec 3.7 is available at the links:

Stream MultiRec Server 3.7


Stream MultiRec WEB UI 3.7

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