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New VPlay 5 release

New functionality for UHD channels :

  • VPlay5 now supports operating with files and external sources in HDR formats.
  • The mapping of audio channels for MXF files has been added.
  • Adaptive compression of animated graphic elements of design became possible. 

New functionality for operating with live sources: 

  • Input signal reservation and automatic replacement of external sources.
  • New possibility to receive and form SRT streams with encryption.
  • Improved handling of unstable IP streams
  • Receiving and decoding of subtitles in OP-42/47 format 

New functionality for operating with subtitles :

  • Formation of subtitles in OP-42/47 format.
  • Subtitles insertion into teletext from an external sources. 
  • The subtitle editor now has a built-in character display speed check.   

Useful update - with new drivers from Nvidia, up to 3-stream encoding is now available on GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and higher, instead of the previous two. 

The new VPlay 5 release is available for download on the support website support.stream-labs.com

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