OPLAN - Production process automation system

OPLAN is a system for production process automation of a television company. The system supports all the stages of operation. From the content ingest, description and preparation, creation of preliminary line-ups and daily broadcasting schedules, registration of commercials and arrangement of commercial blocks, broadcast preparation and automation, to the control and analysis of broadcasting results.

Schedule and player 


  • Powerful content management and broadcast schedule arrangement tools;
  • Automatic generation of commercial blocks;
  • Unlimited number of channels and regional broadcasting options;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Control of user access to the information;
  • Reliable information storage in a uniform database on MS SQL Server (use of free versions of SQL Server is possible);
  • Clip import and export;
  • Automatic clip conversion to specified broadcasting format;
  • Automatic trimming of an initial file according to time codes;
  • Automatic sound processing (normalization, mixing of tracks, etc.);
  • Automatic creation of low-resolution versions of clips;
  • Automatic generation of documents (playlists, program schedules, cue sheets, etc.);
  • Preparation of servers for broadcast (automatic copying of clips and playlists on servers, removal of old clips);
  • Control of clip output (on server logs);
  • Automatic and manual insert of graphics (secondary events) into playlist.
Forward media planning 

OPLAN v2.6 facilitates the activities of various departments in a broadcasting company

Program management:

• Forward planning;

• Current (week) planning;

• Broadcast planning (preparation of broadcast permits);

• Acquisition of rights and content adaptation. 

Commercial management:

• Purchasing services (negotiations);

• Advertising services;

• Commercial services.

Production department:

• Pre-broadcast preparation;

• Preparation of announcements;

• Adaptations;

• Maintaining libraries and archives of video materials.


Launch teams

Financial services and TV company management.

Media plan editing

Media planning and on Air control 

Content management

              • Description of content (clips): 
              • automatic detection of clip timing and format; 
              • input of metadata which describes the program or the initial material; 
              • description and editing of clip tracks (contents, quality of material); 
              • setting the points of input and output, breaks for commercials and trimmings. 
              • Hierarchical structure of the content catalogue. 
              • Viewing of clips in broadcasting and low-resolution quality inside the program. 
              • Managing the content rights. 
              • Operations with serials and cycle programs. 
              • Clip archive management: 
              • the archive consists of one or several volumes (local or network folders; 
              • automatic import of clips into archive from selected folders; 
              • automatic clip conversion to specified broadcasting format; 
              • automatic trimming of an initial file according to time codes; 
              • automatic sound processing (normalization, mixing of tracks, etc.); 
              • export of clips from archive; 
              • automatic creation of low-resolution versions of clips. 
              • The functions of importing into archive, processing and code conversion are performed as services on one or several computers, which provide reliability, processing speed and clip archive access control. 
              • Import and export of content information to Excel, external database.


Traffic management

• Creating preliminary channel grids (pre-grid).

• Creating running channel schedules for one or several weeks (grid).

• Creating broadcast playlists.

• User-friendly planning interface.

• Import and export of playlists in various formats.

• Generation of reports (cue sheets, programs, etc.)

• Registration of rights for content display, replays.

• Display of overlays, overflowing blocks, "holes" in the schedule.

• Forming commercial slots (commercial grid).

• Maintaining the advertising campaigns database by loading media plans from Excel:

• setting the period for the advertising campaign;

• one or several commercials;

• assigning time slots for clip display;

• assigning position and frequency of clip display;

• Automatic filling of slots with manual editing option.

Media planning for orders and editing orders 

Media planning price list

Broadcast automation

• Support of unlimited amount of video servers and video server channels.

• Playlist generation.

• Exporting clips from the archive for one or several broadcasting days onto an external storage medium.

• Automatic copying of clips onto video servers from the archive or from an external storage medium.

• Loading broadcasting logs. Broadcast verification with playlist.

• Support of TitleBox, TELE 2.2, TELE Info, InfoNet broadcast design systems (display of logos, banners, design effects, crawls).


Grid filling from catalog

Grid panel

Program modules

1 OPLAN v2.6 - Production process automation software for broadcasting companies

• Program catalogue

• Clip description

• Clip import and export

• Clip preview

• Import and export of content information

• Control of content display rights

• Schedule preparation

• Playlist preparation

• Preparation of future and current grids

• Registration of content display rights

• Playlist import and export

• Reports

• Assigning commercial blocks

• Loading edit lists of advertising agencies

• Database of advertising campaigns

• Auto-filling of commercial blocks

• Automation

• Playlist export

• Support of digitization systems

• Loading as-run logs and broadcast verification

2 OPLAN ARCHIVE - Content archive management module

Clip archive control:

• The archive consists of one or several volumes (local or network folders);

• Automatic import of clips into archive from selected folders;

• Automatic clip conversion to specified broadcasting format;

• Automatic trimming of an initial file according to time codes;

• Automatic sound processing (normalization, mixing of tracks, etc.);

• Export of clips from archive;

• Automatic creation of low-resolution versions of clips.

• Exporting clips from the archive for one or severalbroadcasting days onto an external storage medium.

• Automatic copying of clips onto video servers from the archive or from an external storage medium.



3 OPLAN Acquisition
 - Content rights management

OPLAN Acquisition allows to:

• Keep track of contracts for content delivery, content expenses;

• Set public performance license restrictions andmonitor them when creating schedules;

• Support various currencies with automaticconversion;

• Set and trace the schedule of payments under the contracts;

• Export necessary reports in Excel;

• Perform amortization and write-off of the rights;

• Export information to the accounting system.

4 OPLAN AdSales Module - TV channel commercial airtime sales

• Conducting a database of clients and contracts for commercial placement;

• Automatic calculation of placement costs with generation of necessary accounting documents;

• Media planning of commercials;

• Various kinds of placements (spot, package, GRP);

• Price-list editing;

• Commercial placement reports (including logs);

• Automatic and manual compilation of commercial blocks.

5 OPLAN Gateway Server Module - Integration with automation systems

• Full integration with automation systems, MAM and NewsRoom-systems based on BXF, MOS and proprietary protocols:

• automatic content loading into automation/MAM system;

• obtaining information about content (status-lists);

• loading playlists and run-down into automation system;

• receiving As-Run logs.

Auto insertion orders in media planning 

Editing folder directory 

OPLAN System is used by:

  • “2x2” Television channel
  • Prof-Media Business Solution
  • “STREAM” Broadcasting company
  • “OCEAN-TV” Television channel
  • “TV China” Television channel
  • "Media" Company
  • “ARTEM-CATV” Company
  • “SVOE-TV” Television channel
  • “Samara GIS” Television channel
  • “TV Cascade” Television channel
  • “Gamma-TV” Television channel
  • “IT-3” Television channel

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