International professional broadcast solutions development and manufacturing company.

Hardware and software manufactured and supplied by Stream Labs perform the following tasks: broadcast monitoring, multichannel logging, broadcast automation, graphics playout, interactive television support, etc.

Our key products are: MultiScreen and MultiRec systems, multichannel capture and playback cards, InOut CG cards, playout software, production process automation systems, HD/SD-SDI and Composite to IP TS encoders.

Stream Labs equipment used in more than 5500 TV-channels around the world. Our goal is affordable quality in professional broadcast solutions.

Your software is amazing! Once one has a full understanding on operating it, productivity fully takes over. I am producing playlists much faster now the more I use it.The graphics interface is wonderful and has added so much quality to AATV overall. We really look like a network now!
Curtis David, Multimedia Coordinator(Arab America Television, Washington, DC)
Silver Member

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