WaveServer 3554

Four-channel IP-videoserver based on processor Stretch 7120 with support of 2-way sound, control of swiveling camcorders, wtih alarm sensors

WaveServer 3554 is dedicated to simultaneous conversion of videosignals from 4 analog camcoders into IP stream supporting ONVIF v2.2 standard. The core of WaveServer 3554 is a powereful processor Stretch 7120, which provides compression of videosignals in real-time with the speed 100 kb/sec (25 fps per channel). Due to low power consumption by a processor, spendings on electricity have been reduced. Power supply is DC 12-48V or PоE. Additional processor in WaveServer 3554 allows setting of various analytics on a fly. Server supports a motion detector, recognition of license plates and focus on human faces.  Access to settings is provided via built-in web-browser interface. For more detailed control of WaveServer 3554, supplemental software, developed by Stream Labs can be used. Any other software, supporting ONVIF standard could be used as well.

Video sub-sysetm

4 BNC-inputs allow connecting of up to 4 analog camcoders. Using built-in compressor, stream can be encoded in MJPEG and H.264 formats and transmitted as a “Live” video over the network. Settings provide flexibility for finding of optimal quality/broadband ratio. Using built-in RS-485 interface server will control

WaveServer 3554 is equipped by 4 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs, what allows connecting microphones  and speakers for full-duplex transmission. Also server is equipped by 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs  for connecting of alarm sensors and swiveling devices.

Supported systems

  • Intellect 
  • Axxon Smart IP
  • TRASSIR application
  • VideoNet 8.8
  • GeniusVison
  • MileStone XProtect Professioanal, v8.0b
  • Exacq-vision 5
  • ALNET, v3.0.0.600
  • Luxriot
  • Digifort Enterprise
  • Indigovision
Specification for videoserver WaveServer 3554

Compression algorythm



PAL: 768х576, 704x544, 384x288, 352x272, 192x144, 176x136 
NTSC: 640х480, 320х240, 160x120


100, 25 per channel


20 levels of compression 
Flip mode: 0, 180° 
Settings for brightness, contrast, saturation and color 


Audio input and audio output: PCM, 16 kGz, 16 bit


Various levels of users, protected by passwords

Alerts and control of events

External I/O

Connectors and interfaces

4 analog composite BNC connectors 
RJ45 Ethernet interface
Terminals for Alarm I/O (2 inputs, 2 reley outputs) 
3.5мм jacks for linear output, microphone or linear input 
Terminals RS485 for control of swinging devices
Power jack

Network interface

Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX

Power supply

Power over Ethernet , DC 12-48 V

Power consumption

DC, 5 Watts

Exterior conditions

0°C ~ +50°C, humidity 20 – 80% (without condensate)


Stretch 7110

Access via WEB-browser

Preview of live video, network settings, picture settings

Minimal PC requirements

Pentium 4 CPU; or 1300 MHz; or similar AMD CPU, 256 MB RAM 
Video card, Direct Draw, 64 MB RAM 
Windows XP, Server 2003, DirectX 9.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

Supported protocols


Dimensions (LхWхD), Weight

115x82x32 mm, 200 g

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