WaveServer Enterprise

Multi-channel network WaveServer Enterprise

The construction of video surveillance system that is based on the network infrastructure becomes more popular, as it compares favorably with outdated analog systems or PC-based solutions. However, many companies still prefer their systems, which are based on analog TV cameras. More efficient received video data processing, the possibility of remote control and, finally, it is not necessary to change the video cassettes and carry out regular maintenance of unreliable video recorders, and that is quite affordable and for such companies - it is only necessary to combine the obtained analog data with digital technologies. STREAM Labs has developed the professional hardware solution that can cope with such tasks. The hardware complex WaveServer Enterprise is created by taking into account the latest trends in the IT and Security markets. It is exactly what is needed to simplify the IT infrastructure of the security system and to increase the efficiency of its use.

Design the system according to the needs

The complex is presented in the case for installation in a standard 19-inch rack, with a common power supply unit and the gigabit network interface. It allows placing up to 16 video / audio modules and / or I / O and telemetry modules. A distinctive feature of the complex is the possibility of "hot" replacement of any modules, which allows maintaining, expanding and modifying the system without interruptions in its operation. WaveServer Enterprise is able to receive and digitize signals from 64 analog cameras.

Technical parameters WaveServer Enterprise
Network 1 x 1Gbit/s + 8 x 100Mbit/s
Power 110-240 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 160 W
Overall device performance up to 800 fps/sec
Size Rack 19", hight 3U, depth 180 mm
Hot Swapping Modules yes
Expandability up to 16 Interchangeable modules
Module WaveServer R3554 4 video channels, up to 768х576, total frequency 100 fps/s
Mudule WaveEx 4485 4 GPI inputs, 4 GPI outputs, RS485


Description Price, USD.
WaveServer Enterprise Rack Chassis 19" Case 19" 3U, Lan 1Gbit/s + 4x100 Mbit/s, up to 16 modules (WaveServer R3554, WaveEx 4485), "Hot-swap", 100-240 V AC 2900
IP videoserver WaveServer R3554 4 channel video, up to 768х576, total frequncy 100 fps, deinterlacing, 4 audio inputs 16kHz, 16bit, applying with WaveServer Enterprise. Support Onvif (H.264/MJPEG) 980
WaveEx 4485 module Input/Output and telemetry 4 GPI inputs, 4 GPI outputs, RS485, applying with WaveServer Enterprise 230

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