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Balanced 2.0

Header of Stream Labs Balanced 2.0

Extension for any Stream Labs capture card

Allows to capture ballanced audio signals and pass them to Stream Labs capure card.


  • Two independent sound processing stereo channels
  • Studio true +4dBu line level balanced stereo input & output
  • XLR and/or TRS connectors available upon request
  • Consumer -10 dBv unbalanced stereo input & output
  • Jack 3,5 mm and/or RCA connectors available upon request
  • Top quality special analog audio ICs
  • Balanced channel input and output impedance - 600 Ohm
  • Unbalanced channel input impedance - 12 kOhm, output impedance - 10 Ohm
  • Optimized low noise power supplies and decoupling filters in analog part


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