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Beximco(Bangladesh) - largest DTH service provider.

In the framework of bilateral negotiations, the discussion of the project of the mutually advantageous cooperation with the Satellite DTH operator Beximco, as part of the project were delivered and installed(in 2016 yy) the following products:
140 Stream Multiscreen licences, 140 Stream Multirec licences and at least 10 servers based on the Stream Labs software.


Pixagility(France, Paris) - digital network provider in Europe and Africa.
Web-site http://pixagility.com
Stream Labs Monitoring system for 100 IP TS channels in different locations.



ETV(Serbia, Belgrade) - The owner of DVB-T2 broadcasting infrastructure in Serbia
Web-site http://www.etv.rs
Stream Labs Monitoring system for 25 channels at 15 Remoted sites.
In order to provide digital broadcast, Serbia is divided into 15 regions, surrounding high power transmitters.

The division by regions is stipulated by technical constraints, the content is the same across the board.

All transmitters that broadcast DVB-T2 MUX-1, MUX-2, MUX-2 operate using the same SFN frequencies.

In a spring of 2015 equipment was delivered to all 15 regions of Serbia.
Each Stream MultiScreen server for monitoring of 15SD+5HD TV channels and 5 Radio channels in total receives signals via:

-Ethernet UDP H.264
-RF DVB-T2 with CI module (TT-budget CT2-4500 CI)
-RF FM Radio card (Sonifex PC-FM6 boards are used)



Ad Valem Technologies(France, Paris) - provides over-the-top, IPTV solutions, and satellite broadcast services for live soperates as a data center and media broadcast center.
Stream Labs Monitoring system for ~ 400 TV channels in IP TS H.264



Babcock International Group(UK, London)
Stream Labs Monitoring system for RTMP and HLS streams



InfraSat(Angola, Luanda) - InfraSat – is a business branch of Angola Telecom, which was founded in 2008 for propagation of new satellite-based telecom technologies in rural areas. The company created first TV network, broadcasting national and international channels in Portuguese for residents of Republic of Angola.
This DTH project was launched шт 2014 year for digital broadcast via satellite of 50 HDTV and 40 RF programs, in which InfraSat is a key player.
Currently DTH consists of the following modules:
-Receiving system – antennas and receivers, exciters and convertors, located directly on antennas (46 HDTV channels are being received externally);
-System for coding and multiplexing (Ericsson Television);
-System for instrumental-visual monitoring and  compliance recording of TV and RF programming (Stream Labs);
-System for formation of stream with programming EPG (Stream Labs);
-Coding of output signal by the system for conditional control and management of conditional access for up to 200,000 customers with potential growth to up to one million. (Conax).

System for instrumental-visual monitoring of input TV and RF signals and  compliance recording Stream Labs MultiScreen is intended for control of parameters of transmitted signal at all stages of DTH:
Input control – full instrumental – visual monitoring of TV and RF programs received from receivers and local land lines.  Monitoring of discrepancies between PID’s in data and PID’s in PSI tables (PID Missing): errors of audio and video decoding; distortions of the picture; freezes of the picture; black frame; audio out of range; clipping, etc.

Reverse monitoring - full instrumental-visual monitoring of re-broadcasted TV and RF programming, received from satellite receivers.  Compliance recording is also provided for all broadcasted TV channels with storage capacity for 90 days.



SpeedCast (ST Teleport)(Singapore) - ST Teleport (http://www.speedcast.com/) – is a full-scale operator of satellite telecommunication services, which provides integrated media solutions and data transfer.
Stream Labs Monitoring system for ~ 64 channels
ST Teleport specialists have chosen Stream MultiScreen to monitor quality of TV services (visual instrumental control and “police” recording). The equipment was installed in September 2015 and currently provides instrumental visual control of 64 HDTV services.
As per client request, we implemented several new features for MultiScreen system: 
-DVB Subtitles - decoding and visualization of all subtitles included in a stream. Alarm events for disappearance of subtitle with configurable thresholds for a period not less than one hour.
-Round Robin - cyclical control of TV services - "carousel". It works for both instrumental control mode, and for the visual one.
-Penalty Screen - automatically adjusted output of channels with problems on a separate LCD-panel for visual control.



RSCC(Russia) - Russian Satellite Communication Company
Web-site http://eng.rscc.ru/about
Monitoring H.264 in Mpeg-TS and T2MI streams and SDI sources at a couple of technical sites.
Stream Labs Monitoring system for ~ 220 channels



RTRN(Russia) - Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network
Web-site https://www.dvb.org/members/rtrn
Federal Centr of Multiplexing use MultiScreen and MultiRec systems to control and record not less 330 channels - 220 services through SDI(11 servers - 20 channels each) and 110 ASI services(11 servers - 10 channels each).

Stream Labs Monitoring system allows to control broadcasting DVB signals 1st and 2nd Multiplexes in 5 different time zones. Each control zone for monitoringis - is  covering zones from 5 satellites:
-Express AM7 40',
-Express AM6 53',
-Yamal 402 55',
-Yamal 401 90',
-Express AM5 140'.

The total number of connected screens to the servers for visual monitoring is 30 pcs. that allows to display all 330 channels.

Monitoring system was installed in 2013-2014 years.
Within 2011-2013 years according the government programm of migration to the digital TV, Stream Labs was the main supplier for the Monitoring and Recording systems.

According the agreement there were delivered and installed:
-Monitoring systems(Mixed - SD-SDI and IP TS H.264) - 87 servers,
-Compliance non-stop Recording systems(Mixed - SD-SDI and IP TS H.264) - 87 servers - 174 servers,
-Emergency Warning System for generation TS in H.264 - 42 servers.

Stream Labs servers were installed in 88 different cities for 24\7 Monitoring and Recording.

Examples of 2 installations(2 cities in RTRN) are below.



Monitoring and Recording systems for IP TS H.264, HD\SD-SDI. Installations for different stages were during 2010-2015.
Stream Labs Monitoring system for ~ 200 channels



Tricolor TV(Russia) - larget satellite operator in Europe(By the end of III quarter 2015, the active subscriber base of the operator included 11,6 million households)
Web-site http://old.tricolor.tv/eng
Stream Labs Monitoring and Recording system for ~ 350 channels
Tricolor has around 350 TV channels in total and 40 Radio channels.
40 of them are in HD H.264 and they start to migration to H.265 codecs.
Also They have 4 channels in UHD 4K H.265.

Tricolor TV - is one of main customers who use Monitoring system without visualization. They have visualization only for channels which have a problems.

On the picture below is the old monitoring system based on small TV's. On the picture in left - new Stream Labs Monitoring system.

Stream Labs is supplier Monitoring and Recording systems for all of Tricolor TV channels from the end of 2011.



AKADO Telecom(Russia) is the largest independent Cable TV operator in Moscow.
Web-site http://www.akado-telecom.ru/
Stream Labs Monitoring system for 200 channels
AKADO had monitoring all TV channels in their network ~ it's around 200 TV channels.

Till the last time they had monitoring of TV channels through analog signals - after decoding video in the Set-top-boxes. But this type of monitoring turned up not effective because there required to many STBxes.

At this moment AKADO have migration to new version MultiScreen system to have ability to monitor IP TS in H.264.



Kazteleradio(Kazakhstan) - is a telecommunications company which provide terrestrial, satellite television (including direct-to-home service Katelco Plus), radio, data transmission (including internet access), and telephony.
Stream Labs Monitoring system for 190 chanels in total



Match TV(Russia) - agregation of 16 different Sport channels from HD\SD-SDI and formation IP TS mosaic in UDP H.264 in internal company network. There are used 3 servers:
-16 HD-SDI inputs, 1 HD H.264 UDP output.
-8 HD-SDI inputs, 2 HD H.264 UDP output.
-8 HD-SDI inputs, 2 HD H.264 UDP output.
All multicast streams generated by Stream Labs server receives in Amino STB-xes.



Ostankino(Russia) - Television broadcasting from Ostankino TV tower has been started since putting it into operation in November 1967. Initially, there were four analog TV transmitters.
At this moment they have 3 DVB-T2 transmitters and broadcasting in 2 Multiplexes.

With Ostankino began digital broadcasting 20 channels in digital - DVB-T2, MPEG-4 SD. And Sports 2HD - in format HDTV.

Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver could be viewed as HD on Sports 2 HD.
Frequency - 30 channel UHF, 1.5 kW transmitter.
Since March, plans to start broadcasting two parameters: a 30 channel with a powerful transmitter of 10 kW, and HD - will broadcast a 34 channel transmitter 1.5kW.
In Moscow the grid at a frequencies:
30 TVK on the frequency 546 MHz
24 TVK on the frequency 498 MHz
34 TVK on the frequency 578 MHz

Stream Labs Monitoring system for DVB-T2 100 chanels in total



Channel One(Russia)
Web-site http://eng.1tv.com/
Stream Labs Monitoring and Recording system for IP TS H.264 160 chanels



Beltelecom(Republic of Belarus) - largest telecommunication operator in the territory of our country.
Stream Labs Monitoring system for IP TS H.264, SDI, ASI - 220 chanels in total



Rostelecom is an undisputable leader of the broadband,
pay-TV and fixed voice markets in Russia. Official
corporate information website of Rostelecom PJSC.
16 branches with installed MultiScreen systems -
instrumental and visual monitoring -
20 TV channels on each server.


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